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 - Carl L. Becker

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Mass Horror
(Referring to the Deportation to the Bărăgan 1951-1956)

Syracuse Herald-Journal, Tuesday, April 15, 1952



"Since February,
deportations have totaled about 1,000 a week."

"According to information Sulzberger has obtained from behind the Iron Curtain, approximately 200,000 persons, one-fifth of the Rumanian capital's present population, are being expelled."

"If the reader would comprehend a little of the suffering and anguish involved in these cruel, brutal, murderous proceedings, let him consider what the results would be if one fifth of the people of Syracuse were abruptly taken from their home and send away to prison camps where death was almost certain in the end!


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[Contributed and Published at DVHH.org by Jody McKim Pharr]