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Brad Schwebler

Schwebler (originally from the Heidelberg area of Germany), Pratscher (originally from Holzschlag, Burgenland, Austria), Schaefer (Schäfer), Thomas, Ort, Weber, and indirectly, Gutwein

 Family Tree of the Gutwein Girls
Letter written by one of the Gutwein girls who were related to Brad Schwebler by way of their papa who was Brad's grandfather's brother-in-law. 

Linda Miller

Pfaff (from the area of Kusel, Germany and settled in Feketisch, Dinges, Stengel, Bolz/Boltz, Kohler, Scheer, Orth, Butscher and Grau

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Feketisch Village Coordinators: Brad Schwebler & Kim Geiger

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