Destination: The Americas

Tallapoosa/Budapest, Georgia (GA)
Archivist: Jody McKim

  Who would imagine that in the back woods of northwest Georgia there would be remnants of Danube Swabian immigrants from days gone by, found in a small community called "Budapest" in Tallapoosa, located in Haralson County.  I had to see it for myself and in 2002 I did.  The quaint small Budapest cemetery, has about 15 graves. On the headstones are some names familiar to those in my Donauschwaben research of Banat, but to the local residents, they were all considered "Hungarians" - regardless of ethnic background. 

While researching my family from Austria-Hungary whose destination was Atlanta, Georgia, I discovered this settlement of "Hungarians" in Haralson County . . . Tallapoosa, Georgia,  and that Atlanta & Tallapoosa were destinations for many Donauschwaben from the villages: Blumenthal, Blumental (German) / Masloc (Hungarian) / Maslak (Romanian); Fibisch (German) / Temesfüres (Hungarian) / Fibis (Romanian); Temeschburg or Temeswar (German) / Temesvár (Hungarian) / Timisoara (Romanian); Franzstadt/Mehala
(German) - Suburb of Timisoara / Ferenczvaros (Hungarian).  Today these locales are territories of Romania, in the Banat region of the former Austria-Hungary.  Historical records in Georgia refer to these immigrants as Hungarians or Magyar, regardless of their ethnicity, due to their former citizenship. 

A Little History

Local Genealogical Research Aids
Tallapoosa/Budapest, Haralson Co., & Georgia State Records

Tallapoosa/Budapest Danube Swabian Surname Registry

Budapest Community

Budapest Cemetery

Cemetery Cleanup Day - Nov 3, 2008

St. Joseph's Church, 1969

A Journey in Search of My Family
By John Frey, 20

Blumenthal, a village in former Hungary

Fibisch, a village in former Hungary


Tallapoosa/Budapest, Georgia Archivist:  Jody McKim

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