Franz Schneider
Author of the Two-Volume Deutschbentschek Family Book

Franz Schneider earned his living as a teacher, but he also dedicated a huge part of his life to gathering and compiling information for the Deutschbentschek family book.

Born in Deutschbentschek in 1926 and educated there and in Temeschburg and Bukarest, Mr. Schneider was a teacher in the Banat from 1949 until his family relocated to West Germany in 1977.  He then taught school near their new home in Düsseldorf until his retirement in 1989.

Mr. Schneider completed Volume I (1793-1852) of the Deutschbentschek family book in 2003 and, for another eight years, continued his work with Volume II (1852-2011).  After he passed away in 2012,
his family—especially his nephew Amin Müller—and HOG Deutschbentschek finished Volume II and published it in 2013.

    Deutschbentschekers and their descendants will be forever grateful to Lehrer Franz Schneider
for the invaluable resource he created.


Deutschbentschek, 1956


Zita Johann in The Mummy


Did you know?

Bentschekers believe they have the nicest pub," and "the most beautiful Kirchweih hats are worn by those living in Bentschek."  So it was written in the 1924 Donauschwäbischer Volkskalender

The annual Kirchweih festival was held to commemorate the dedication of the village church.  The Kirchweih hats were decorated with flowers by the young women of the village and worn by the young men on the festival day.

The first homesteaders from the Banat to settle in southwest North Dakota—those arriving between 1889 and 1892—came from Deutschbentschek (Dreyer and Hatter).

Zita Johann, film and stage actor, perhaps best known for her starring roll with Boris Karloff in The Mummy (1932), was born Elisabeth Johann on July 14, 1904, in Deutschbentschek.  Her parents were Stefan Johann & Magdalena Zimmermann.  The family immigrated to the United States in 1910.

In 1934, it was a Chicago barber from Deutschbentschek who gave John Dillinger his last shave and haircut.


Agatha Scheirich, my grandmother

My grandmother was born in Deutschbentschek in 1886 and, nineteen years later, left her village for America. 

I hope this village page will bring together people with Deutschbentschek roots.  Please, if you have questions or information to contribute—photos, stories, sites, historical data, family information—let me know.

Jane Moore
Village Coordinator








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November 2013
   Deutschbentschek Family Book Vol II published.
   Contact Wilhelm Kuhn (HOG Deutschbentschek
   Chairman) for purchase details or Jane Moore
   for lookups.

War Memorial: names of those who died in
   WWI, WWII, and Soviet labor camps.

   New 1973 and 2011 village photos and 2011
   cemetery photos

January 2014
Family Pictures: Jim and Jack Marshall,
   Michael Schmidt.

August 2014
Family Pictures: Kenneth Hagel, Michael
   Schmidt, Jane Moore.

October 2014
   New 2007 village photos and cemetery photo:
   The 200th Anniversary of the Founding of

   View several village photos here, the
   interactive google maps site for
   Deutschbentschek (Bencecu de Sus).




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