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Posted October 11, 2018

Welcome to our newest volunteer!

2018 Oct 17 - ANNOUNCEMENT!
Finally, the DVHH has a designated Sathmar Coordinator!

Sarah Coraggio of Kent, WA has volunteered to be the Coordinator for Sathmar, the FIRST ever!; and soon after assumed the role of the Web Editor.

Sarah will be bringing life to a neglected area of the DVHH as she develops new content to the Sathmar webpages and developing relationships with other Sathmar researchers. More about Sarah.

We welcome Sarah to her new position!.


Posted July 5, 2018

Welcome to our newest volunteers!

Gina Butrico of CT, USA:
Joins Darlene Dimitrie with the duties of
DVHH Mail List Administrator.

Lynn Schablow of AL, USA:
Administrative Assistant to Dan Sedley,
Director of Volunteer Services.



New Lookup Additions

Jeff Rau
Familienbuch (Kutzura - Ein Dorf in der Batschka by Christine Kaltenecker, published in 2008)

Dan Sedley
Bogarosch, Familienbuch Bogarosch im Banat, 1768-2017, by Ragnar Schmidt and Ewald Spang, published in 2017 by Heimatortsgemeinschaft Bogarosch



Historical & Current Donauschwaben Periodicals & Publications

Donauschwäbischer Kalenders



Revised HERITAGE Section






Mein Heimatland, Banaterland
Text by Peter Jung, music by Josef Linster and Wilhelm Ferch.
This was recorded live during a public concert on Dec 16, 1983,
by the Franz-Schubert Chor, Temeswar, conducted by Franz Metz.
We can enjoy this beautiful song thanks to Nick Tullius,
who contributed the audio and the below English translation.
Below/left is the original words from the poem by Peter Jung.
Sheet music contributed by Jody McKim Pharr. Published at DVHH.org, 5 Jul 2012.

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