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The church has a new roof!

No more damp walls; danger of collapse averted; no more worries!  

Dear Bogaroscher's, this is it!  The old church is gleaming with a new radiance!

The roof has finally been replaced; this work has only been possible through the generosity of many of our compatriots.

Bogarosch Church
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This is what the church looks like now!

The church - the focal point of village life - is impossible to forget in our Bogarosch hearts as we are all connected to it through personal memories and experiences. But with the migration to foreign lands, the connection is gradually becoming lost.

As the church was in a desolate condition (there was an article on the internet, as well as in the ‘Banater Post’), the committee was asked to consider undertaking the renovation of the church. Something had to be done, otherwise the rainwater seeping through the walls would cause great damage, i.e. the church was in danger of collapsing.

When the suggestion was made in a committee meeting about a year ago to carry out renovation work on the church, the committee began to earnestly look at possibilities of how best to solve the problem, for such an undertaking is a big expense. Bogarosch should not be the first community in the Banat whose church collapsed through neglect.

But the committee simply did not have the funds. We contacted all potential donors, even the head of the Catholic Church, Bishop Roos in Timisoara. We were hopeful that the Bishop would show a great interest in renovating this House of God and save it from decay. The Bishopric in Timisoara contributed not a single cent.

The new roof with new gutters & drainpipes
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The old roof tiles have been partly replaced
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We must not omit to mention the contribution of both Freddy Kratochwill and Peter Dian when it comes to the subject of ‘Renovating the  Church in Bogarosch’. They both traveled to Bogarosch, arranged craftsmen for the work, entered into contracts of employment with them and finally supervised the progress of the works. Mr. Ion Macinic, who was always helpful, was chosen as the intermediary agent in Bogarosch and took part in the supervision of the renovation works.

Now the church has its new roof. Similarly, the gutters and drainpipes have been renewed. The renovation of the roof, including additional costs, came to around 9,000 Euros.

The craftsmen did a really good job, as can be seen from the attached pictures. May this House of God remain protected from all natural disasters so that the church may abide in the memory of all Bogaroscher's and patrons for many years to come.  

Günther Goschi, Frankenthal, January 2004.
(translated by Diana Lambing)

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