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Village Information

Zombor (German)
Zombor (Hungarian)
Czoborszentmihály (older Hungarian name for the city)
Czobor-Szent-Mihály (Other)
Szombor (Other)
Sombor (Croatian)
Sombor, Serbia (Official)

  • City and municipality located in northwest part of Serbian autonomous province of Vojvodina.
  • Population of 51,471 (as of 2002), while the Sombor municipality has 97,263 inhabitants. It is the administrative center of the West Bačka District of Serbia.
  •  DVHH Zombor Coordinator: Vesna Ibrahimovic-Brbaklic of Sombor (Vojvodina) Serbia, is also the Coordinator for Batsch Monoschtor, since the villages are very close together. Vesna has just published her village site and invites you to visit it: Items for Monostorszeg will be added soon. [12 Dec 2010] © 2003-2012 Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands, a Nonprofit Corporation
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