Werbass (German)
Alt-Werbass (German)
Óverbász / Overbasz (Hungarian)
Verbász / Verbasz (Other)
Werwas (Other)
Verbatz (Other)
Weidenheim (Other)
Werbas (Other)
Alt-Werbas (Other)
Stari Vrbas, Serbia (Official)
  Village Coordinator:

Jakob Goetz
Ravensburg, Germany 

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  • FHL Census Microfilm: Vetus Verbasz in 1828: 622970
  • Churches: Greek Orthodox/Bács diocese, Evangelical Lutheran/Banya diocese, Christ Evangelical Methodist Church, and The Presbyterian Church.

Christ Evangelical Methodist Church

Contributed by Elfriede Drumm



The Presbyterian Church, where many Germans worshipped, is now very neglected.

Contributed by Elfriede Drumm.

Swabian Museum

Elfriede Drumm visited the Danube Swabian museum located in the Werbass/Vrbas city hall. The city hall once belonged to the Schuch family and was also the village pharmacy. Elfriede Drumm was born in Werbass.  Her father was Rev. Adolf Drumm, Pastor of the Christ Methodist Church of Novi-Vrbas for 7 years from 1937-1944. It was a German speaking congregation. In 1952 Elfriede and her sister immigrated to the US and lived on Long Island. Elfriede has returned to her homeland village of Werbass 2 times, in 2003 and again in 2005.  Read Elfreide's "Mission Trip to Vrbas, Serbia. Aug, 2003."

Museum Photos:

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