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, Yugoslavia / Serbia (Official)
Upathin (Other)
Apathin (Other)
Nagyárki / Nagyark
Apáti / Apati (Other)
  • DVHH Apatin Coordinators: Beth Tolfree & Boris Masic (Correspond with Boris in German only please).
  • DVHH Village Site: www.dvhh.org/apatin
  • Apatin books by Josef P. Schwend - DVHH Lookups Guide: Beth Tolfree
         Apatin Familienbuch 1700-1945
          Apatin Taufregister (all births), includes Heiratsregister (marriages 1751-1825)
         Apatin Sterberegister (deaths from 1750-1988)
  • DVHH Lookups Guide: Beth Tolfree - Schwend's CD-Rom with chronological listings of marriages (1751-1950) and births from 1750-1842 and 1895-1945. (It helps if the person has a time period within which I can begin to look.)
  • Familienbuch Apatin 1750-1825 by Jakob Schuy
  • Familienbuch Apatin in der Batschka 1750-1825. Jakob Schuy, AKdFF, Kaiserlautern, Germany. 2006. 901pp.
  • DVHH Lookups Guide: Beth Tolfree - Apatiner Heimatbuch by Josef V. Senz (I can read the lists of names of Early Colonists of Apatin and of Apatiners who died in lagers.  The text is in German so I cannot read his history of the community.)
  • Musician: Paul Abraham - An Operetta Composer: He was born in Apatin (Abthausen) 02 Nov 1892.  (His birth-house is situated in the main street in Abthausen and it stands just around the corner of the Post st. and Ulica Srpskih Vladara St. Vojvodjanska Bank is just opposite of the house). Paul Abraham died in Hamburg 07 May 1960. www.operone.de/komponist/abraham.html  More complete info: 
  • Travelogue: My Trip to Apatin 2004 - Beth Tolfree
    Family of Beth Tolfree (An original DVHH PARTNER Family Page, Grandfathered in 17 Jul 2012)
  • HARJUNG & GILLMANN Families of Apatin, Batschsentivan, Karawukawo
    - Family of
    Angelika Steckley (An original DVHH PARTNER Family Page, Grandfathered in 17 Jul 2012)
  • Private Homepage: Hans Quintus, born in Apatin - http://www.apatin.de -Broken Link Jun 2012
  • Private Homepage: Ancestors of Christopher Shaw - Apatin & Filipowa

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