Village Information

Alt-Keer (German)
Ó-Kér / Ókér / Okér (Hungarian)
Nagy-Kér (Hungarian)
Stari Ker / Ker (Older Serbian variant)
Bačka Dobra
(Older Serbian variant)
/ Pasicevo, Serbia (Older Serbian variant)
Zmajevo, Serbia (Official)
  • Situated in the Vrbas municipality, in the South Bačka District, Vojvodina province.

Monument in Altker, photo taken by Andrea Ballreich
Auf Diesem Plac war von 1827. Bis 1944. Jahre Friedhop der Deutschen Evangelischen A.B. Kirchengemeinde in Zmajevo.
I took these photos in September 2005. They show the entrance of the former German cemetery in Altker (today Zmajevo) in the Batschka. The text is: At this place was the German Evangelical cemetery from 1827 until 1944.

I don't know exactly when it was erected but it is the most dignified German cemetery in the Batschka I have ever seen. It is situated in a nature reserved area and a man watches everyone who visits the place.

When we were there he asked us where we were from. And when I said that some of my ancestors are in that cemetery he got tears in the eyes and showed us all around.

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