Batschka History

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Early Ages

1700's - Settlements begin in the new homeland



1921 The Treaty of Trianon & the Dismemberment of the Kingdom of Hungary

Treaty of Trianon Treaty of Peace Between The Allied and Associated Powers and Hungary, And Protocol and Declaration, Signed at Trianon June 4, 1920] whereby Hungary lost one-third of its territory and population to Romania, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. (includes map)



1940's "the way of sorrows" for the Donauschwaben
Concise accounts of war crimes during and after World War II

  • Völkermord der Tito-Partisanen" 1944-1948" Chapter 1 "Genocide Carried out by the Tito Partisans" by Österreichische Historiker-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Für Kärnten und Steiermark (Austrian Historian Working Group for Carinthia and Styria)

  • Chapter 2: In the Batschka The systematic liquidation program of the Danube Swabian population in the Batschka closely followed the parameters of the governmental districts into which the Batschka was divided for administrative purposes.




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