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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors
Batschka Resource Contributor & Author
Kopp, Hans

Since retirement, Hans dedicates his time in promoting the Danube Swabian and the book he had published "The Last Generation Forgotten and Left To Die." Written in English and German, the compilation of stories and photographs reference various Danube Swabians regions; although is mainly focused on Batschka, particularly Batschsentiwan, where Hans was born. Hans also provides his own personal family history.  This book was Hans hope in providing to the generations who were denied, the opportunity to learn more about their culture. 


Batschsentiwan Settlers List 1764 to 1768 By Dr. Anton Tafferner “Heimatbuch Batschsentiwan” [18 Oct 2010]

Batschsentiwan Settlers Street Directory - by year, name and house number listed by street name. By Dr. Anton Tafferner “Heimatbuch Batschsentiwan” [18 Oct 2010]

Displaced Persons Camps: The Beginnings in Austria - Castle Güssing (in the Austrian Province of Burgenland), and Camps Lehen and Sitzenheim, in Salzburg - Austria

Escape from Yugoslavia & Coming to America

An Illustrated History of the Donauschwaben

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