Timis County - Western Romania

Kleinbetschkerek Village Photos

Kleinbetschkerek, 2005 by Kyle S. Goodman
Published at DVHH.org 2005 by Jody McKim Pharr.

The German cemetery in Kleinbetschkerek, today "Kis Becskerek" is in BAD shape.  It's completely overgrown, and many of the names on the headstones were difficult to read due to erosion.  I found no familiar names, but it was a great experience.

Catholic Church


Street View

Cemetery Chapel

Cemetery View





Stork on house






Helpful Local


Local German Woman

Gypsy Wagon

Village Photos 2008
Diana Lambing

Kleinbetschkerek Catholic Church

June 2008

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View of village from the Hutweide, three churches: one Catholic, one Serbian and one Romanian Orthodox. Kleinbetschkerek Cemetery Adam Meiszner who lived in both Kleinbetschkerek & Uihei as a child. He kneels beside his WILHELM and BAUER grandparents' gravestone.
Remains of an original thatched roof in Kleinbetschkerek Young girl who lives in thatched house, chatting with neighbors. Kleinbetschkerek in the background
View of Kleinbetschkerek in the distance and our camper van & sheep! Stork and nest in Kleinbetschkerek The Kleinbetschkerek Hutweide

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