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Western part in northeastern Serbia (the Serbian Banat)
Kikinda (German)
Großkikinda / Grosskikinda / Gross Kikinda (German)
Nagykikinda (Hungarian)
Chichinda Mare (Romanian)
Kikinda, Serbia (Official)



Village Coordinator:
Joanne Schreiner



Village of North Banat District Vojvodina Northeast Serbia


Catholic Church name: *

bullet Article: South Western Banat "Wholesale Murder" Kikinda
bullet Deutscher Verein Kikinda

The municipality of Kikinda comprises the city of Kikinda, nine villages and two hamlets.

The nine villages are:

The two hamlets are:



Last updated: 17 Dec 2010

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English: County
Hungarian: Megye
Romanian: Judet
German: Grafschaft

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Torontál county was located in the Banat region. It shared borders with the Kingdom of Serbia and the Hungarian counties Szerém, Bács-Bodrog, Csongrád, Csanád, Arad and Temes (the first county was part of Croatia-Slavonia). The river Danube formed its southern border, the river Tisza its western border, and the river Maros its northern border.