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Valentin, Anton

Anton Valentine was born 1898 in Neu Arad, Banat and died 1967 in Germany.  He wrote a history about the Banat Swabians (Geschichte der Banater Schwaben, 1959), but in his professional life he was a schoolman, a teacher. The last 2 years in Romania he was the headmaster (director) of the german high school "Banatia" in Temeschburg/Temesvar/Timisoara. And between 1953 and 1966 he was president of the Association of the Banat Swabians of Romania in Germany (Bundesvorsitzender der Landmannschaft der Banater Schwaben aus Rumänien in Deutschland e.V.).

In Romania he was also very busy in cultural affairs beside his profession as a teacher. He loved his home country (Heimat) very much and it was very hard for him that he had to leave the country in 1944 and could never see it again.  It would have been too dangerous. Communists didn't like the activities of the "Landsmannschaft".  So I went sometimes to Romania to see his relatives and his friends. I took a lot of pictures and had to tell him many things.

DVHH Biography contributed by Anton Valentine's daughter, Heidi (Adelheid) Haug, 14 Aug 2010

Author of:

Die Banater Schwaben kurzgefasste Geschichte einer südostdeutschen Volksgruppe; mit einem volkskundlichen Anhang, München 1959. 118 pages. Publication of the Culture des Kulturreferates der Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben. A condensed history of a southeast German group of peoples; with a volkskundlichen appendix Valentin, Anton Munich 1959. 118 S. Veröffentlichung/Publication of the Kulturreferates of the homeland association of the Banater Swabia; Arbeitsh.3

Valentin, Anton: Die Banater Schwaben. Kurzgefa\ßte Geschichte einer südostdeutschen Volksgruppe... 2. A. 1984. 118 S. mit Abb. (14:21) Kart. = Veröffentlichung des Kulturreferates der Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben Arbeitsheft 1


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3Jody McKim Donauschwaben Library Collection






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