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Kremper-Fackner, Hildegard


Hildegard Kremper-Fackner (* 8. Juli 1933 in Temeswar, Rumänien; † 5. März 2004 in Berlin, Deutschland) A painter and graphic artist and was born of German-speaking minority of the Banat Swabians.

Hildegard Kremper received schooling at the Timisoara Notre Dame convent school. She then attended the Art School of Timisoara, where she was taught by distinguished teachers such as Franz Ferch, Julius Podlipny, Andreas A. Lillin. The study at the School of Visual Arts, she completed in Bucharest, where she earned her diploma in 1958 in Exhibit graphics and book illustration. Your professors for graphics were Vasile Cazar and Fred Mikos.

In 1960 she married the Diplom-Ingenieur Simon Fackner of Petersdorf, Transylvania, and since then took on the double-name Kremper Fackner. From 1962-1974 Hildegard was Kremper-Fackner as a teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of the West Timiaoara. Artistically, she devoted herself exclusively in this time of the prints. Her breakthrough came in 1968 with a cycle of legends Banat, with fantastic stories about the ruins of Schoimosch, Lippa and Schiria.


  • 1963 nach Ungarn
  • 1964 in die Sowjetunion
  • 1970 Stipendium für die Druckerei in Wolfsburg, Deutschland
  • 1978 erneut Studienreise nach Deutschland
  • 1980 und 1983 Studienreisen nach Wien, Österreich
  • 1984 Stipendium des Pleinairs in Magdeburg, DDR


  • 1980 zweiter Landespreis für Druckgraphik in Bukarest, Rumänien
  • 1982 erster Landespreis für Graphik in Bukarest, Rumänien
  • 1984 erster Preis für Druckgraphik in Bukarest, Rumänien
  • 1995 Medaille der Triennale in Majdanek, Polen

Literature about Hildegard Kremper-Fackner


Hildegard Kremper-Fackner by Anne Marie Podlipny-Hehn. Eine Künstlerin aus dem Banat. Munich 1991, 88 pages, 61 illustrations, paperback.

Haunting portrayal of life of the artist born in 1933 in Timisoara, which among other things, history, tradition and folk culture of the Banat Swabians chose the topic of their works.






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