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Kirchner, Rudy



KIRCHNER, Rudy, May 26, 1933 - Nov 7, 2008. Rudy was dedicated to the Donauschwaben Village of Rudolfsgnad in Banat, web mastering one of the first DS village sites in English. Rudy was among the first DVHH village Coordinators and we all miss him very much. Since his death, his brother Manfred Kirchner, maintains the web site.

Rudy Co-authored the Albrechtsflor HTML family book version with Philipp Lung, available at


Latest additions:

GRÜNN, Karl *1855 Perjamosch +1930
Banat Catholic Priest, Poet & Author

KAPPUS, Franz Xaver *1883 Temeschwar +1966
Banat Journalist, Writer & Author
; founder of the Free Democratic Party in Berlin.

KIRCHNER, Rudy *1933-2008 Canada
Banat Historian
, Village Website Pioneer in English

HORWATH-TENZ, Maria *1931 Weißkirchen, + 2007 Banat Death Camp Survivor & Author



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