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Hügel, Kaspar


Kaspar Hügel was born 1906 in Lowrin, Banat. He studied in Temeschwar, Kausenburg and Munich, Germany. He became study director of the famous University of the "Banatia." After the war he resided in Vorarlberg, Austria where he continued his work as an educator. He contributed as an author of many important research papers on the Donauschwaben school system.

Added comments contributed by Anton Valentine's daughter, Heidi (Adelheid) Haug, 14 Aug 2010: After the war he lived in Austria. Our families left Romania together. His youngest son is of my age. He was a teacher too.

Author of:

Hügel, Kaspar: Das Banater deutsche Schulwesen in Rumänien von 1918 bis 1944. 1968. 172 S. mit Karte. (16:23) Kart. = Das Schulwesen der Donauschwaben von 1918 bis 1944, 1.

Hügel, Kaspar: Politik und Schule. Pädagodische und kulturpolitische Abhandlungen eines donauschwäbischen Schulmannes (1933-1978). 1978. 206 S.+Porträt. (16:23) = Donauschwäbisches Archiv 1







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