Banat Death Camp Survivor & Author

Horwath Tenz, Maria


Born on 16 January 1932 in Weißkirchen in the Banat to parents, Stefan Fassbinder Horwath and Magdalena Gabor Horwath. At age nine, Mary Horwath's fate was to end up in a "notorious" starvation camp Rudolfsgnad. There, she lost her mother, her grandparents, relatives and many friends.

The Innocent Must Pay
by Maria Horwath Tenz

Memoirs of a Danube German Girl in a Yugoslavian Death Camp 1944 - 1948

The memoirs of a teenage girl caught up in the cruelty and barbarism which raged throughout Europe during and after World War II and her experience in the Rudolfsgnad prison camp in Yugoslavia, 179 pgs. Mrs. Tenz passed away February, 2007.

It was originally published in 1987 under the title, VIER JAHRE MEINES LEBENS, ALS MÄDCHEN IM HUNGERLAGER RUDOLSFGNAD, Lizenzausgabe mit Genehmigung des Eugen-Verlas, München/Bayern. In 1988-89 this book was revised and translated with the assistance of her son, Mr. Helmut Tenz, and the Danube Swabian Association, USA, Inc., and the Danube Swabian Foundation USA, Inc. and other associates. The English version was published in 1991. [Recommended by Nancy Wyman]


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