Banat Catholic Priest, Poet & Author

Grünn, Karl

Grünn, Karl was born Feb 20, 1855 in Perjamosch and died Nov 30, 1930; Catholic priest in various Banat parishes. The son of Johann Grünn, a teacher and Mary, née von Niameszny.

Karl Grünn began writing lyrics in childhood. His mother had taken him to church, where the painter finished an image of the Virgin Mary in the dome tower.  Karl wrote a poem about this painting.  Karl attended high school in Szeged and then studied theology in Timisoara. In 1878 he was ordained a priest, served as chaplain at churches Großjetscha, Lenauheim, Orzydorf and Deutsch Zerne for three years. Here he met Maria Katharina Weber and three years later began their journey together in Gertianosch until her death.  He was a priest in Deutschbokschan, Großkikinda, Elek, Anina, in 1894 became parish priest in Homolitz on the Danube, where he worked for sixteen years.

1910 finally came true - his long-cherished wish: he came back as a pastor in his home town Perjamosch-Haulik. In 1928 he retired. His last two years he devoted only to poetry. His poems reflect his love of nature for the common people and peasants and craftsmen Saxons. Reload permanent themes of life of Swabian villages. The lyrics, the reader can take a look and Romanian shepherds life, its vacinilor the Serbs and Gypsies.

His poems reflect his love of nature, the common people and the Swabian peasants and artisans. The Swabian village life is described by him unbeatable. His poems give the reader an insight into the lives of Romanian shepherds, the Serb neighbors and the Gypsies.
In his famous poem "Perjamosch" he describes the resettlement of Perjamoscher on the hill, the "mountain", and tries to explain the origin of the name of the village.

  • Gedichte, by Karl Grünn published by Wilhelm Frick, Vienna, 1891 (1897)

  • Leben und Liebe (2 vol) by Karl Grünn, editura Alois Pirkmayer din Perjamos, 1913 (1915) Liebe und Leben (2 vol), publisher of Perjamos Pirkmayer Alois, 1913 (1915). He summarized his poems in two volumes under the title Eng:"Life and Love" together, which appeared in 1913, published by Alois Pirkmayer in Perjamosch.

  • Frucht und Blüte by Karl Grünn, editura Josef Frischmann (Perjamos), 1927 Frucht und Blute, (Eng.: fruits and flowers) publisher Joseph Frischmann (Perjamos), 1927

  • Gedichte by Karl Grünn, Editura Kriterion , București, 1976 Gedichte, Kriterion Publishing House , Bucharest, 1976




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Banat Catholic Priest, Poet & Author

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