Banat Lawyer & Doctor of Philosophy

Gottfried, Feldinger
pseudonyms: Földényi Frigyes

*1819 Temeschwar +1903 Budapest

Son of János Gottfried and Anna Schwarz, born April 5, 1819 in Temesvar. Married in Budapest in  1847 to Emilia Kanya, also a writer; they divorced in 1857. In 1861 he married Wilma Wenzel, dr. Testvérhugát Gustav Wenzel, who died from cholera in the autumn of 1893.  

He moved to Pest and worded as the correspondent publicistikai m. kir. Prime Minister's press department kültagként is applied, the minority extremists főmunkássága leálczázására direction.

Gottfried Feldinger changed his name July 1861 to Frederick Földényi.

Fifty years of literary work; he wrote for the Hungarian provincial newspapers, and Foreign correspondence (1841-46 Temesvarer Zeitung. Sat.) and some have appeared, including the Weser Zeitung (1871-72). He wrote letters, poems, and other German sonetteket Ungaro (1846). Fashion magazines and the Pest (1847). In April Vierzehnte cz. political newspaper, edited by Ernest Hazay (1849th April-June) was belmunkatársa. Timisoara in 1851 as publisher-editor initiated the Euphrosine czímű have weekly tab that appears twice, which, however, in September at the end of three quarters of the year, due to the direction of patriotism, has been prohibited, Falk Miksa into Vienna, Budapest Albert Pákh writing letters, especially in recent biography of Petőfi, submitted an outline of notes, which are then F. Petofi wrote it and it was the first biography, written in the sheet in Bauernfeld, Castelli and Cery well. The Economic Journals (1858 18. No.) Published: Animal and növényhonosító cz troupe in Paris. czikke.

Feldinger also engaged in music.

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