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Freihoffer, Heinrich

Author of:

  • Sklaven im Baragan (E: Slaves in the Baragan) Subtitle: Und waren doch alles Menschen! (E: And we were all men).  Zeitgeschichtlicher Tatsachenroman mit dokumentarischem Anhang. (E: Time Historical fiction novel with a documentary appendix.)  Publisher: EA. Deggendorf, EV., 1981, J. Ebner-Druck, Deggendorf/Do., 368 pages & pictures.

It is no wonder then, that after the political upheaval in 1989/90 it was thrust into the focus of public attention in the Banat so intensely. A group of students even devoted themselves to the subject. Meanwhile, seven books about the Bărăgan deportation have been published in Temeswar in Romanian, Serbian and Bulgarian, and in Germany Wilhelm Weber, commissioned by the 'Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben', gathered extensive documentation about this tragic event in the Banat Swabian contemporary history and which up until then had only appeared in book form in Heinrich Freihoffer's factual novel 'Sklaven im Bărăgan' (Slaves in the Bărăgan). However, in the representative organizations for public awareness in the Banat, as in Germany, the abduction was never portrayed as anything other than what it really was, i.e. what every deportation is according to international law: A crime against humanity. (snippet from Obituary of Franz Bittenbinder by Erwin Less:

  • Schmidt, Josef; Pädagoge, Volkstumspolitiker (Teacher & Public Spokesperson); *1913, 19.02. Orzydorf/ Banat; OGT 1983, 36, Author: Freihoffer, Heinrich.


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GRÜNN, Karl *1855 Perjamosch +1930
Banat Catholic Priest, Poet & Author

KAPPUS, Franz Xaver *1883 Temeschwar +1966
Banat Journalist, Writer & Author
; founder of the Free Democratic Party in Berlin.

KIRCHNER, Rudy *1933-2008 Canada
Banat Historian
, Village Website Pioneer in English

HORWATH-TENZ, Maria *1931 Weißkirchen, + 2007 Banat Death Camp Survivor & Author



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