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Fischer, Ludwig Vinzenz

Vinzenz Ludwig Fischer (22 January 1845, Resita - 15 December 1890, Halle, Germany) is a journalist and translator. Coming from a family of German immigrants settled in Resita (his father was a carpenter), Fischer taught workshops state railways, despite his mother's desire to direct him into the priesthood.  Self taught through various professions and jobs, from carpentry administration. Emigrants in Austria, where he married the daughter of a senior, becoming director of a paper mill Krollwitz, near Halle, Germany.

Between 1868 and 1890 Fischer has worked with very good translations of Romanian poetry Austrian and German magazines, "Oesterreichische Gartenlaube" (Graz), "Die Dioskuren" (Vienna), "Der Osten (Vienna), Magazin für die des Literature In-und Auslands (Leipzig) and "Das Ausland" (Augsburg).'s important is collaboration in the publication edited by C. Fischer Diaconovici, "Romanische Revue" (1885-1894), who enjoyed good appreciation in the country, and abroad. This is printed in 1885, Die romanische Literature in Deutschland. Ein Repertorium, broad overview of the German translation Romanian folklore and literature from the beginnings to that year. The accuracy of the information, complete documentation, updated on reception of Romanian literature in Germany make this directory a valuable tool for professionals.

Everything is due to Fischer's publication "Revue Romanische" a series of valuable translations of poems from the collection people. Balade of V. Alecsandri and collections of At. Marienescu M. and Jarnik-Barseanu. Since the second year of publication of the magazine translates ballad master Manole Fischer, achieving a true transposition of the original Romanian. Alecsandri Of ballads and V. At. Marienescu M. Mioriţa stand the versions, The Ring and the sun and moon kerchief.

Books and magazines sent by Astra i just helped in preparing the repertoire of C. Diaconovici published in the magazine, which gave him his rightful place in the encyclopedia to Fischer, valuing his work "Romanian translator of ballads and poems in German by whose publication in the most popular German literary magazines contributed to widening between German Romanian poetic creations.



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