Banat Author

Eckert Koehler, Eve


Mass kidnapping by Communists of 20,000 children
of ethnic Germans from Banat.

Janitscharen? Die Kinder Tragödie im Banat

by Karl Springenschmid

Our Lost Children: Janissaries?

Translated (additional notes) by
John Adam Kohler and Eve Eckert Koehler

Published by Eckartschriften, Vienna, Austria, was translated from German by John Adam Koehler and Eve Eckert Koehler under the title 'Our Lost Children: Janissaries?' (87 p.). The English edition was published in 1980 by the Danube Swabian Association of the U.S.A., Inc.  Copies may be available from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (where Ms. Koehler worked), through antiquarian sources, or via Inter Library Loan.


Latest additions:

GRÜNN, Karl *1855 Perjamosch +1930
Banat Catholic Priest, Poet & Author

KAPPUS, Franz Xaver *1883 Temeschwar +1966
Banat Journalist, Writer & Author
; founder of the Free Democratic Party in Berlin.

KIRCHNER, Rudy *1933-2008 Canada
Banat Historian
, Village Website Pioneer in English

HORWATH-TENZ, Maria *1931 Weißkirchen, + 2007 Banat Death Camp Survivor & Author



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