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Bastius, Stefan

Stefan Bastius, born 1926 in Werschetz, Yugoslavia Banat, is a Danube Swabian (Germanic) descent.  He lived through the Tito partisan tyranny and survived a Soviet concentration camp.  After five years of slave labor, he was released in 1949 in East Germany, where he studied chemistry in Dresden.  In 1959, he escaped to West Germany.  Dr. Bastius is dedicated to exposing the persecution of the German ethnic minority by the communist.

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Ethnic Germans in the Banat: Forgotten —Yet Timely —History; 2003 © The Barnes Review, Volume IX Number 1, January/February 2003, page 13-15.  Copyright by TBR Co, P.O. Box 15877, Washington D.C. 20003  

Dipl. chem. Stefan Bastius – Tegernheim / BRD; Dialog-Aktivist und Verfasser zahlreicher mehrsprachiger Texte zur Donauschwäbischen Geschichte

Dipl. chem. Stefan Bastius - Tegernheim / Germany; dialogue activist and author of numerous multilingual text to the Danube Swabian History


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