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Romania Banat
Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania
Demokratisches Forum der Deutschen in Rumänien (DFDR)
Forumul Democrat al Germanilor din România
[a political party representing the German minority in Romania, founded at the end of 1989]
Address: str. General Magheru 1-3, 550185 Hermannstadt/Sibiu, Romania
Telephone/Fax: +40-269-217841
E-mail:  - [temporarily out of service]
Homeland Association of the Banat Swabians [from Romania]
Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben e.V.
Address: Sendlinger Straße 46, 80331 München, Germany
Telephone: 098/23 55 73-0
Fax: 23 55 73-10

List of chairmen of the various Home Community Associations (H.O.G.) [in German] 

Good website for the Banat Lowlands [in German] Includes some English. Includes on-line Familienbucher for Albrechtsflor, Alexanderhausen, Gross Komlosch, Lunga, Permjamosch and Sellesch (Nakodorf) Click on Familienforschung, then Familienbuecher.

Good website for the Banat [in German]
Website of the Temeschburg Home Community Association (H.O.G.) The table only lists the presidents of villages from the Romanian part of the Banat.  

Neue Banater Zeitung (NBZ); Timisoara/Temeswar [in German]
Appears weekly as a supplement in ADZ (see below)
Address: Bulevardul Revolutiei Nr. 8, RO-1900 Timisoara, Romania
Phone/Fax: ++40-(256)-19-82-10

Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung für Rumänien [in German]
German newspaper for Romania; Bucharest 

Hrsg.: Demokratiches Forum der Deutschen im Banat
Erschw.: wöchentlich als Beilage der ADZ.
Phone/Fax: ++40-(256)-19-82-10 - E-Mail:

Democratic Forum for the Germans of Billed


Temeschburg H.O.G. Website

The German-language press was also represented during the interwar period in Romania by a large number of newspapers, journals, and other periodicals. Among the most important periodicals were the cultural journal Ostland (Hermannstadt, 1919-1921 and 1926-1931) and the literary journal Klingsor (Kronstadt, 1924-1939). Among the leading German-language newspapers were the daily Kronstä dter Zeitung, established in 1849 (Kronstadt, 1849-1944); the leading Transylvanian Saxon Conservative Daily, Siebenbü rgisch-Deutsche Tageblatt, established in 1874 (Hermannstadt, 1874-1944); Banater Deutsche Zeitung (Temesvár); and another Temesvár daily, Tageszeitung.6 With the rise of the National-Socialist movement, the two great papers Siebenbü rgisch-Deutsche Tageblatt and Banater Deutsche Zeitung were merged to form Sü dostdeutsche Tageszeitung (1941-1944). A cultural-affairs monthly, Volk im Osten, similar to Klingsor, began appearing in this period as well.

List of Publications in Romania

The website given by for the NBZ
has not been working for several years, but seems to work.

The National Archives of Romania (Romania Arhivele Nationale)
Address: 49 Elisabeta Blvd.
RO-70602 Bucharest
Phone number: ++401 - 315 25 03
Fax number: ++401 - 312 58 41
Person to contact: Prof. dr Costin Fenesan, General Director


    District Archives

Bucuresti District
State Archives
Arhivelor Statul
Bdul Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej 29
Sector 5 R-70602
Bukarest România

Alba District
Primaria Municipiului Alba Iulia
Plata Iuliu Maniu 1 R-2500
Alba Iulie România
Tel = 058-813 380

Arad District
Primaria Municipiului Arad
Bd. Revolutiei 75 R-2900
Arad România
Tel = 057-219 652
Fax = 057 253 842

Bihor District
Primaria Municipiului Oradea
Plata Victoriei 1 R-3700
Oradea România
Tel = 059-137 000, 130 753

Bistrita-Nasaud District
Primaria Municipiului Bistrita
Piata Petru Rares 1 R-4400
Bistrita România
Tel = 063-223 923, 224 706

Brasov District
Primaria Municipiului Brasov
Bd. Eroilor 8 R-2200
Brasov România
Tel = 068-116 550, 114 369
Fax = 068 152 628

Cluj District
Primaria Municipiului Cluj-Napoca
Bd. Eroilor 2 R-3400
Cluj-Napoca România
Tel = 064-111 743, 112 551

Harghita District
Primaria Municipiului Miercurea-Cluc
Bd. Timisoarei 11 R-4100
Miercurea Ciuc România
Tel = 066-111 819, 111 464

Maramures District
Primaria Municipiului Baia Mare
Str. Gheorghe Sincai 37 R-4800
Baia Mare România
Tel = 062-417 034

Mures District
Primaria Municipiului Tg. Mures
Piata Primariei 3 R-4300
Targu-Mures România
Tel = 065-132 463, 133 211

Satu-Mare District
Primaria Municipiului Satu Mare
Str. 1 Decembrie 1918 Nr. 13 R-3900
Satu Mare România
Tel = 061 713 550, 713 551

Sibiu District
Primaria Municipiului Sibiu
Bd. Victoriei 1-3 R-2400
Sibiu România
Tel = 069-210 449, 217 711
Fax = 069 216 033

Timis District
Primaria Municipiului Timisoara
Bd. C-Tin Diaconovici Loga 1-3 R-1900
Timisoara România
Tel = 056-190363, 193623
Fax = 056-190 635


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